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The cellar is a beautiful combination of modernity, innovation and tradition.

Visitors can breathe the history of the producers who, more and more, have as their ultimate goal the achievement of the high final product with excellent characteristics.

During every year always the technicians study the production optimization considering the vineyard position, to obtain a final product always excellent as a result of land expression and passion for this kind of work.

The grapes arrive in the cellar after a careful selection and are then transferred to steel barrels, where the transformation process begins. Each processing step is strictly verified in order to be able to fulfill the requirements of the quality certification for the standard ISO 22000.

In a quiet atmosphere, the aging department receives wines that need to be aged in wood. Then there are the bottling department, the warehouse and the storage department. In recent years, attention to quality has increased thanks to the traceability system that is applied in the production processes to achieve excellent results. The company produces about 3 million bottles a year for the pleasure of customers who, from all over the world, are looking for Italian excellence in the areas of Alba, Langhe, Roero, Asti and Monferrato.